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Example of our computer generated survey targets

We primarily offer licensed California groundwater location services. State-of-the-art computerized VLF survey equipment is used to scan a parcel of land for potential ground water sources. This process alleviates much of the guess work involved in locating water and saves not only the property owners' money, but it also spares the drillers the wasted time of re-drills. This procedure can be used for new developments as well as existing home sites interested in drilling a new, more efficient and effective well. By utilizing our cost-effective Central and Southern California ground water surveying services, we can help you determine the best source of water for your well. In addition to home sites, we conduct our surveys for farms and ranches. Agriculture is a big part of California and we are here to help Farmers find the water they need to be successful. We are proud members of the National Ground Water Association ​

Ron Barto is a Certified Engineering Geologist, C.E.G. 966, Professional Geologist, P.G. 3356, Hydro Geologist 923 in California, Registered Geologist, R.G. 020, Engineering Geologist, E.G. 020 in Oregon and Registered Geologist 60052 in Arizona. He has been specializing in the ground water industry all over the country for many years. If you are searching for Central and Southern California ground water surveying services, you can count on Ron and the rest of our staff to help.
Ferdinand Metz is president and founder of the Water Prospector. He has been an Electronics Technician and Engineer in various industries including the entertainment industry for 29 years. He has developed and owned his own Businesses for 26 years. Ferdinand has been conducting and developing new methods for ground water surveys for 16 years.​ It is his priority to offer incomparable, premium California ground water location services that can change the way you look at water well drilling.Here are even more reasons why you should call a water prospector today. 

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for a limited time you can get a free pdf version of this book.  just email us your info on the contact page.

By reading this book, you will learn about locating ground water for your water well, water well systems, and drilling your water well. 

  • Geology and understanding the type of groundwater conditions in your area. 
  • Survey methods: What is the right method for your area? How to avoid a dry hole. 
  • Drillers and the Drilling process: Everything you need to know to choose the right driller and not get ripped off. 
  • Water Management: How much water do you need? This will give you tools to help you calculate your water usage. 
  • Well performance and contamination: Here I discuss how wells produce and what to do about contamination found in your well water. I also discuss repairing older wells. 
  • Real Estate: This covers the Do’s and Don’ts about purchasing undeveloped land that is dependent on well water. This is where most people make very expensive mistakes. I will teach you the best way to approach undeveloped land. 

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The Water Prospector is a subsidiary of Puwame Inc.
THE WATER PROSPECTOR is a professional organization proficient in the areas of groundwater locating and ground water resources.
Partners, Ferdinand Metz and Ron Barto, together offer the peace of mind of almost 50 years of experience in hydrogeology, engineering geology and Electronics. 

A full service water resource company specializing in water well locating.

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