Well Water Search/Locator Services

Before you commit to drilling, our team will assist you in searching for water. There are a few things to keep in mind.

The Process

When searching for wells, prospectors will observe the entire landscape. The first step includes creating a geologic map of the area. This highlights areas where rocks could be an issue. This is also used in conjunction with ground-water reports. A well water locator service is much smoother than simply drilling holes until you find the perfect spot because it employs a strategy based on an area’s geographical surroundings.

Use Surveys

A survey is a well water locator service that proposes an ideal spot to drill a water well.

Surveys and tests should be performed in a manner that is in accordance with state and city standards. This is to ensure there are no issues before and after drilling.

When Locating, Hire Professionals

Be sure you hire a reputable service to assist you. No matter if you are purchasing real estate or looking to drill on property you already own, we can help.

We offer almost 50 years of experience in the industry. A water well is a huge investment. The Water Prospector in Central and Southern California can assist you in making the well water locating process easier and affordable.  

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