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Water Well Survey Services

We highly recommend a water well survey prior to drilling. This cuts costs as drilling can be very expensive, and we want to get the location right the first time. Here are some commonly asked questions.

What Happens During a Water Well Survey Service?

This type of service finds potential locations for your well, understanding rock positions and formations in landscaping along the way. Using this process is more reliable than witching as it relies on scientific data more than chance.

During our survey service, we will find the aquifer, depth, and yield of a groundwater source and provide you with a detailed understanding of where water is located on your property.

How Does a VLF Survey differ from other methods? 
our VLF survey is more affordable than other methods such as EKS or Soundings.  Our VLF system is portable. The survey is done on foot. Soundings requires access for a vehicle.  Soundings requires a lot of luck since that type of survey leaves gaps.  We scan a property in a grid pattern. Leaving NO gaps.  Our system generates a detailed image of the sub surface geology. Our VLF can pin point where to drill and get the best results.

Where on the Property Should I Have My Survey Completed?

We complete each water well survey with the property owner’s requested area in mind.

What Are the Benefits of Surveys?

You will not have to pay for test holes. Additionally, with a skilled team, you will find the best place to locate and drill water.   

The Water Prospector performs water well survey services on the following types of properties:

  • Ranches
  • Residential
  • Agriculture
  • Vacant Land
  • Commercial Properties

All surveys are conducted on foot. Contact our California team today to get started.