References and Testimonials

Due to our Client Privacy Policy, we only provide Testimonials and References from our clients that have given us permission to use the info in their report.
We understand that water is a critical issue in many real estate transactions;  However, due to this sensitive situation all of our report information is confidential.


Nov 2019  Our client the Ocean Hills Country Club in Oceanside CA reports that they hit 1200 GPM on our target

This will keep there golfcourse very green. Amazing results!!

Oct 2019

Our client Bihn Kunn reports that he got 15 GPM on our target for his property in Tehachapi, CA

Sept 2019

Our client Bob Hemme in Fallbrook CA got 30 GPM on our best target. He hired us after using another survey company in his area. He drilled on there best target and got a dry hole.

Aug 2019

Great article that our client wrote about there well drilling experience. 


​Aug 2019
We wanted to reach out to you this evening to say that we have been drilling for two days now on our property you scanned on the best spot you marked for us for water. Last night at 500 feet the drillers hit 12 gallons per minute. This is the best outcome they have seen in a while in our area. With that said, thank you for your time and your companies dedication to seeking water for the people who’s fate lyes in the hands of it. Our lives were turned upside down 9 months ago when the fire took everything we have worked so hard for. Hitting water has given us the go ahead to build a home just outside of Paradise and you were a part of that. 
Thank you, Nikki
Nikki Sanders
Remax of Paradise #01909165

June 2019

Just wanted to drop you a line to keep your potential customers in the loop on my experience with your company
I started my well project with a recommended local “witcher”, after a couple of failed attempts, thousands of dollars in missed drillings costs, I bumped into your service with an online search, and what a life saver. My property was large, and your system to search my property turned up a density of 25, which you indicated was strong. I authorized my driller for one last attempt at the spot you designated with your new technology and WALA we hit water at the spot you indicated. This was a life saver and I would recommend you to anyone tp use before you begin drilling. The cost for your service is a fraction of what a dry drilling will cost. 
In addition, your continued support and communication throughout the process was highly professional and appreciated. 
Thx again Ferdinand much appreciate your help on this well project. 
John Yanes. Lockwood Valley. CA

May 2019

We hit two empty fractures at 400 and 500 ft
Then kept going all the way to 1000 ft where we hit at 100 gpm.
 600 ft was 70 gpm, and static level was at 173.
Thank you again for the great service!!

David,  Temecula CA

Nov 2018

We just got an update from our client Mr Henkhaus in Anza CA. He hit 10 gallons per minute on our target. There old well had run dry due to the drought. glad we could find them a good source.

Aug 2018

Thanks to Water Prospector.  At some point in the drilling I was nervous it had been several months since Ferdinand did the survey so I wrote and asked if the drought could affect his prospect and he told me that the fracture was between 200 and 400 and if they had reached the 200.  They kept going and at about 190 they hit the fracture. They went to 360 at which point there was ample water supply. Personally I think a drought season may be the best time to drill because if not a dry season the driller may stop short that may dry up during a drought. By the way Water Prospector found two targets and gave there recommendation. My brother called the witchery guy he had come out prior to Water Prospector and told my brother that there was no water so my wife went on-line and found Water Prospector and we feel blessed. 

Steve Small  Castaic CA

July 2018 

​Our client FMA Ranch in Coaling CA reported that they hit 35 gallons per minute of our target.

May 2018

We are very satisfied with the survey the Water Prospector conducted on our farm.  We hit 300 Gallons per Minute on the target that they located.  Great Results!!  

JD Farms,  North San Diego County

Mar 2018

Our Client Desai Farms just reported that there latest well that we located for them is producing 50 GPM in Moreno Valley.  This is the 10th succesful well we have located for them. They have farms in  De Luz and Moreno Valley.  There wells range from 150 GPM to 25 GPM.


Nov 2017

Our client Bill in Temecula, CA just reported that he hit 150 gallons per minute on the target we located for him. He has an orchard and like many people has been stuck paying very high rates for his water. This well will make his orchard more profitable. 

 Sept 2017

We just got this from a client near Big Bear CA, They had a well that went dry. They tried to drill a new well but it was dry too. They called the Water Prospector and we were able to help them get a successful well. 
"Thank you for the services and the report. It was a pleasure to work with you and the team! Your services were exactly as were described, and our results have been excellent. Well locations are not easily found in our area, and we couldn't have found a productive well site without your expertise. Thank you very much! I would recommend you highly to anyone!"
Best regards,
Augis Gedgaudas
Director, Camp Rambynas, Holcomb Valley, California

Aug 2017  

LIfeSavers Wild Horse Rescue in Caliente CA has just informed us that they got 18 to 20 GPM on the target that we gave them.  Great Results !!  


Feb 2017

Many thanks for the Ground Water Survey that you did on my Thousand Oaks property in late August. Based on the results of your survey, I contacted a drilling company to begin the process. They began drilling near one of the two targets that you had identified. They found water as we had hoped, and ultimately drilled to 400 feet to produce the water volume that was needed. The Well Completion Report shows the estimated yield at 10 gallons per minute.
Thanks again for your help.

Castle Creek Golf Course, Escondido CA  Nov 2016
They have several old wells that are all producing 10 to 20 gpm. much lower than they produced in previous years. We surveyed the area and found a target that was near the old wells. We estimated the depth at 264 ft and they hit the water at 270 ft. They got 500 gallons per minute!!. Amazing results.

Greg Schubert,  Murrietta CA  Oct 2016
We found Greg a target last year at an estimated depth of 280 feet.  Greg just reported that he just finished drilling and hit 75 gpm at 300 feet.     Great Results!! 

Riverside CA   Aug 2016
My family hope was to get 100 GPM. Mr. Ferdinand came out and scanned my 20 acre property. Came up with two possible target locations for me to drill, the first location was at a target of 300 feet with a density of 30 out of 30. The second location was a density of 20 out of 30 at a depth of 400 feet.  I was able to dig one location so I choice to dig the 30 out of 30 density for the best result. The driller started digging the location a pound the depth of 300 feet there was no water. We continue digging until 500ft and there was still no water. I called up Mr. Ferdinand and discuss my situation with him about the location. He was surprise himself when I was talking on the phone with him for 30 minute but he advises me to go along with the driller advice to keep on drilling. I drill till 800 feet and I finally hit water but at 5 GPM. The driller yet again advises me to keep drilling so once at 1,000 ft I was getting 10 GPM. At this time a lot of money spent, had to talk it over with my family and we decide to go for it, hopefully in the next hundred feet we can hit some better result 30+/50+ GPM, so we gamble and continue digging further. At the depth of 1,400 feet we got 15GPM but will only be able to pump 13 GPM after completion with pump. Can’t wait to save and start drilling for the second location and see what I will get, hopefully the dream of that glory hole 100+ GPM will be reach. I will use Water prospector service again if I acquire more land to do farming. Once again thank you Mr. Ferdinand for all your help and knowledge you bestowed on me.
Bradford Voong

Brooks in Moorparks CA 2016
drilled on our best target and now has a 150 gpm.  Great results. 

Desai Farms in Moreno Valley CA. 2016
They drilled 4 out of 6 targets that we located for them. All four wells are producing 45 to 65 gpm.  Very good results in the middle of a drought.

Victor Diaz in Lake Mathews CA 2016
reported back to us. He now has 4 gpm with his new well!!. His property is located on top of a large hill and is in a very difficult area to locate water.  

"You did a survey for me in Westlake Village last year. I wanted to let you know that we did indeed hit water (7 GPM) at the point you indicated in your report. We also hit the water at pretty much at the exact depth your report indicated – so thank you."   

Gary Joyce, Westlake Village, CA 2016

"We opted to drill location C.  The drillers said it was doing 120 GPM but we are going to set the pump for 70 GPM.  Between this new well and our old well, this should be more than enough to water all 60 acres of our avocado grove.  Your report noted a fracture at 165 ft.  We hit water at around 143 feet.  We kept going, and hit a blow hole at 520 ft doing 70 GPM and another fracture at 765 ft, allowing the hole to do 120 GPM.  Thank you.  We plan on using your services again."

Josh Kane,  Fallbrook, CA. 2015

A client in West Lake Village CA reported back to us that they drilled on one of our targets and got 110 gpm. Very good results in the middle of a drought. 2015

Raj Desai is a repeat client of ours.  He just reported to us that a target we located for him on a small agriculture property he owns in Moreno Valley CA. is producing 75 gallon per minute.  This will give him the water he needs for his farm to be self sufficient.  2015

 "I live out in Lake Mathews, and recently had a well drilled on my location at the most obvious spot to find water.  Or so we thought.  Long story short, spent over $5,000 to get a mere muddy hole.   Had to start all over again.  This time I had the Water Prospector come out first.   After surveying the property, he gave me a very detailed report which identified two locations where we would find water.  Both were on top of rocky hills, and were, literally, the last places we would have ever expected to find water.   Immediately upon drilling the first location we hit water, and within a day or two, had a fully functioning well.   I've been irrigating nearly four acres with the well for the last few months, and haven't even needed to add a water tank.  The water is clear and pure and tested 100% clean.   Now we have the house on the well too, and everyone thinks that water tastes better than what we were getting from WMWD.     Thanks Ferdinand,   We never would have got such a good well had it not been for you.    Highly recommended and worth every penny.   I am now going to drill on my 2nd property and will have the Water Prospector come out there first."

Debra Smith, Lake Mathews, CA 2015

"I honestly was concerned about how to determine if and where water might be on my property. I didn’t want to use a dowser. I preferred to find a geologist. I received two referrals from different people who were unassociated with each other. One was a previous customer and the other was a well driller. Both said the same thing. If you want to take some of the guess work out of if and where to drill a new water well, you should contact the Water Prospector. We did just that. No promises were ever made, just good science was used. Fortunately the good science paid off. Ferdinand found an aquifer running across our property and said exactly where we should dig. He said if there was a chance to find water that was the best spot. He was right. We hit water well before we got to our target depth, and even more water when we got there. Even our driller was happy with the amount of water, especially in a drought. Thanks Ferdinand."

Jeff Bennett  Leonna Valley, CA 2015

Raj Desai has a small farm in fallbrook CA. His old well recently collapsed. He contacted us and we did a small survey for him. His old well produced less then 10 gpm. He drilled on our target and now has 150 gpm. This target is less than 60 ft from his old well. This is the second property we have done for Raj. 2015

"We are very happy with the results, and based on the VLF scans, we hit water the first time, and the cost of the well was much less than the standard quote of 400 feet. 
A satisfied customer - Rob Everhart."

Cedar Pines Park, CA 2014

Gary Williams  Campos, CA 2014
"Ferdinand came way out to Campo and arrived exactly when promised, surveyed my 5 acres for a considerably lower price than other companies had quoted, and found four solid targets for my well. Probably more important he established that a large part of my parcel showed little or no potential for water.
If i had just started drilling expensive holes without the Water Prospector survey, there's a good chance i would have come up dry.
We hit 10 gallons per minute at the location and depth that he recommended. I am more than satisfied. Plus Ferdinand is a cool guy and is very easy to work with."

Chris Havadjias  Perris, CA  40 Gallons Per Minute 2014

Don Put    Idyllwild, CA 2014

"Ferdinand did an analysis of three different locations for us and determined two excellent prospective well sites on one of the parcels.  After reviewing his data, we decided to drill on the site that had the highest probability for success.  I'm happy to report that we hit water very close to his depth estimates and the well produces over 30 gallons per minute, which makes it one of the most productive wells up on this mountain.  We're pleased with the professional manner with which he approached the job and, of course, are more than pleased with the outcome.  We would not hesitate to use him again if the need arises."

Ali Khaja    Corona, CA 2014
"I utilized the scientific method of detecting water underground by using services of Mr. Ferdinand.
He provided us information, was very efficient and guided us throughout this process. I found him knowledgeable and he even came back to complete the project and was very reasonable.
I highly recommend using his services if anyone is planning to drill a well.
A. Khaja, MD."

Kevin Robinson 2014
Mountain View Farm
This client has a large poultry farm and needed to find water.  They had found a 5 GPM source prior to our survey. We found 2 fracture zones on the property. the first one produced 20+GPM. The second will be drilled at a later date. They hit the water in the first target exactly at the depth we predicted. 
Chino Hills CA. 2013

This client was in the process of building a large new home in Chino Hills when he contacted us. We were able to locate a nice target for Ash and he now has a 10 GPM well for his new home.

Maria and Valentin 2013
Perris CA.

This couple had a 2 GPM well that was found by a water witcher. 2 GPM is common in this part of Perris, CA. Unfortunatly the well ran dry. They called us and we surveyed the entire property. We found a few targets but one looked very promising. They drilled and got 50 gallons per minute. I think they have the best well in that part of Perris.

Martin Hobbs
Bangor CA.

We found this client a 40 GPM source. The driller said it was one of the best wells in that area.  The well is 260 feet deep. Very close to our estimated depth.

Raj Desai
Temecula CA.

This Avocado farm needed some additional water. Temecula can be a challenging area to find good water. We found this client a 15 to 20 GPM well.  
Kern River Valley Cemetery
Randy Kyt

This Cemetery was desperate to locate a good water source. We conducted a full survey and located an excellent well. Now this cemetery has plenty of water and beautiful green grass. 100 GPM

Charlie Wallasch
Agua Dulce, CA

This client had a well that was not producing enough for his household. He contacted us and we conducted a survey. His property was in a difficult part of Agua Dulce but we found one very good target for him and now is has more than enough water. 
25 GPM

Suzan Somer
Somer Ranch
Acton CA 

Acton is a difficult area for water. This property was challenging but we found a great well for her. She is very satisfied!  20 GPM

Mike Dalton
Acton CA

Mr Dalton was another of many Acton clients that desperately needed to find a good well. Acton is in LA county and the regulations require you to have 3 GPM that has to pump for 24 hours. If you do not pass you will not get a building permit. He had his land and manufactured homes already purchased. He had drilled a dry hole after having a water witch come out. He was under a lot of stress we he contacted us. We were able to locate a good well for him.   5 GPM

Frank Kiss
Acton CA 

Another of many success stories in Acton. Very difficult geology in this area but with the right tools we can find you water!  15 GPM

Mike Sheridan
Agua Dulce CA

This client has a great little horse ranch and needed a better well. We found him a great source and now he and the horses are very happy!  20 GPM

David Van Holton
Acton CA

another success story in Acton. Great well for the area.  15 GPM

Keith Candee 
Hart River Ranch
Temecula CA

This beautiful Avocado Ranch needed to find a lot of water.  We found a great target that resulted in 60+ GPM. 

Mr. Barney
Big Bear CA.

This developer needed to find a good well. Big Bear can be very challenging. There is a lot of granite and ground water is not always easy to locate.
We found him a great source for his project!  50 GPM
Hotel Vista Atenas
Atenas, Costa Rica

This Hotel owner was tired of paying enormous water bills every month. She contacted us and we were able to locate a excellent well. Now she has eliminated that big bill and has all the water her hotel needs.  50 GPM

Rancho Vista Liberia
Gaunacaste, Costa Rica

This developer in Costa Rica had a very nice sub division and they were selling lots. They had a well located by a water witcher and had already sold many lots. Once they started using the well it ran dry. They were very stressed when they contacted us. We conducted a full survey for them and located an few excellent targets. They have plenty of water for all the homes that are now built there.   75 GPM

Audrey Obremski
Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

This family was building an off the grid dream home in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is very difficult to find a good water source.  There is so much volcanic rock that even with all the rain they get it can still be very challenging to locate a good water source.
We found a 50+ GPM source for this client.  

We would like to say Thank you to all our clients especially the clients that gave us permission to use there results.

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