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Each local government has its own specific requirements for well yield and water quality. Check with your local County Health Dept. or Building Dept. for current requirements.

Most regulations are similar and required that you have an adequate, sustainable supple of water from either a public water system or from an on-site well. Most Environmental Health departments have determined that test results which establish a sustained yield of a well which is the equivalent of a continuous flow of three gallons per minute for at least 24-hours are acceptable to demonstrate a sustainable supply of water.

The requirements are the same for any Additions, Remodeling, and Rebuilding after declared disasters that exceed 50% of the market value of the structure.  Shared well requirements: Well yield test results from a company legally authorized to perform well yield tests, documenting that the well produces a minimum of 3 gallons per minute over a specified period of time for each service connection provided by the well. (2 gallons per minute is acceptable if 1500 gallons of domestic storage is provided on site per connection.)

Please contact your local government for the most current well test requirements.  These tests and regulations vary from location to location.  As they are often revised, be sure to have the most recent requirements. No matter the requirements, we are able to offer a California Hydro Geological report after we conduct survey work on your property.


Your local State Board of Geology requires that any person in the state that is practicing Geology or Geophysics needs to be properly licensed. This includes well witchers (also known as dowsers or diviners.) They are not licensed nor can they be. Their methods are NOT scientific. They cannot be prosecuted for surveying without a license since they fall under a religious belief. If you need this type of service, make sure you are using a properly certified Geologist. All government agencies do not recognize witching as a scientific form of geophysics. It is an unproven method that is very unreliable.