How to Find Water For A Well

Do you need to know the best place for water on your property? As experts in the industry, we will elaborate on how to find water for a well.

Use Expert Methods and Drillers

You can locate groundwater using a variety of drilling methods. By using several techniques to drill, you can accurately determine how deep to go as well as the quality of the groundwater. While it is important to get down to business and drill holes, it is equally important to find the proper place for your well. This will ensure you avoid contaminants and unusable water.  From there, we recommend hiring a reputable driller.

Look for Wells Already Existing in the Target Area

By acquiring information about how wells have been previously drilled, you can infer that, if there is already quality water in these areas, you can drill a well. Scope out your property and consider every possible pre-existing opportunity for drilling.

Watch Out for Rocks

When you locate groundwater and a desirable place to drill, you need to evaluate the geology on your property to insure it can support a well. In Hard Rock regions such as we have in most of California, identifying fractures is essential to locating water underground and helps you find a clear space for drilling.

What About Water Witching/Dowsing?

We advise staying away from this method as it is very unreliable. Witches and dowsers are not licensed and this method does not work well in difficult geology like we have in California.  Water Witchers are the cause for most dry holes. If you do choose to use this method be sure to have the targets verified by a licensed scientific method before you drill. You need a service that will provide all the information you need to know about water beneath the ground.

Obtain State Permits

Each state carries out certain programs for well construction. Be sure to check for permits, which can only be applied for by licensed drillers. The EPA has more information regarding constructing water wells nationally.

If you need to locate water at an affordable price, we can assist you and show you how to find water for a well. The Water Prospector will discover the BEST place for your well; we offer a team of licensed professionals with the right tools and technology. We service California – call today. 

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