The Water Prospector (thereafter referred to as (“WP”) cannot guarantee the results of

ground water surveys.

WP will provide the customer with the best information available with the technology and knowledge that it has at its disposal. This method has a very good success rate, however does not guarantee there will be water in the target area. WP cannot guarantee the usability of the ground water.   WP cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur when drilling water well on one of its targets. Any unknown underground structures (cables, pipes, wires, etc.) that cause damage to the drill rig or is damaged by the drill rig is not the responsibility of WP.   WP cannot be held liable for any escrow or real estate difficulties or delays that might occur when buying, selling or building property.   WP cannot be held liable for any flooding or potential water damage to any property that many occur during well flow tests or drilling.   WP cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur when digging for a septic perc test.    WP is not responsible for any damage which may occur while said testing is in progress (i.e., pump malfunction, electrical wiring & relay, pipe/plumbing damage or any other damage which may occur during said testing).   WP is not responsible or liable for damage to testing site/property resulting from the parking, loading or general transport of WP vehicles or equipment or as a result of our survey markers.  The property which WP will be testing needs to comply with the following an is the responsibility of the land owner/client: 

(A) Must be accessible and if necessary properly cleared of brush & debris in testing areas:

(B) Said property must be accessible to WP personnel and vehicles.

Once on site if WP encounters delays due to weather or some other situation that will also prevent WP from conducting the survey the client will be charged one half the daily survey rate for that day.

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